Hellmertz manufactures electronics as proprietary and OEM products.

In-house manufacturing and development in Sweden for over 40 years.

Your Partner in Electronics

Hellmertz own proprietary products, ranging from simple relays and timers to more advanced speciality products

A range of immobilizers for all type of vehicles, ranging from cars and boats to agriculture and construction equipment

GSM/GPS based tracking and alarm for all types of mobile and vehicle applications

Digital fleet management and drivers log book with built in tracking

Our Team

Roger Erenbo

Sales Representative

Manufacturing & Logistics

For general inquiries, please contact our main number.

Christian Isgren

Technical Sales Representive

Markus Knutsson

Meet our team of employees

Support & Administrative



Hardware and Software solutions for GSM/GPS based tracking

Fleet management


Automated monitoring and response

Event based surveillance and alerts.

Business Areas


Digital Fleet management and drivers log book with tracking

Wide assortment of accessories for surveillance and security contractors



Systems for monitoring passage

Digital support systems for security patrolling


Fixed installation/Mobile alarm solutions

Your Partner in Electronics 

We have a team of experienced engineers with extensive experience in the fields of mobile tracking and monitoring solutions.

Hellmertz develops, manufactures och distributes electronics and software, both proprietary products and OEM products.

Customers in private and public sectors. High quality products for sensitive security installations.

All inquires welcome!

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